Two contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu will be out of the house this week

Now the contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are struggling hard to stay in the house. Two contestants are likely to be kicked out of the house this week. Telugu’s biggest reality show, ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ has created a lot of hype with the contestants of the season giving tough competition. After five weeks, most of the contestants participated in the nominations this week, barring Annie Master, actor Manas, actress Priya, and RJ Kajal.

In the upcoming promo, Nagarjuna is seen schooling Anne Master for his rude behavior towards Siri during a recent task in the Bigg Boss house. He also exposes Ravi’s dual nature in the house. The makers of the show have released a new promo for the upcoming episode.

The promo hints at a shocking twist, which will see a contestant ejected from the reality show. Looking at the promo, it is clear that host Nagarjuna will show Priya or Lobo the exit door. There was an unusual tension between the housemates during the elimination of the week in the episode.

It is also reported that a contestant will walk out of the house as per the voting of the audience in Sunday’s episode. So, this week two contestants will leave the show, leaving only 12 members in the race for the title.

Saryu, Uma Devi, Lahiri Sherry, Natraj Master, and Hamida were eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 5 in the previous eliminations. With all the work and other contests, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 turns out to be an uphill battle for the remaining contestants.

There are 14 housemates in the Bigg Boss house and our sources say that Sweta Verma has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house. As per the latest reports, Sweta is now out of the house and has got fewer votes than everyone in the Bigg Boss house.

Sweta was one of the ten members nominated this week. Shanmukh, Priyanka Singh, Lobo, Sriram, Ravi, Siri, Vishwa, Sweta, Sunny, and Jaswant are in the nomination in the sixth week.
Sweta was also punished for violating the rules of Bigg Boss. He is very disappointed with the way the whole task turned out. During the task, Sveta also got into a fight with Anne Master.