The new episode of Bigg Boss Telugu will be full of mystery and adventure

Every episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is witnessing interesting developments. The upcoming episodes of the show could be filled with more mystery and adventure. The latest teaser offers a glimpse into the upcoming events of BB Hotel Task. In the teaser, Sunny who plays the role of a naive man who has won a luxurious stay in a five-star hotel for the first time can be seen troubling Manas and Priyanka, the honeymoon couple. Ravi on the other hand proposes to terminate all the services as the customers do not suggest them. Siri, playing the role of a spoiled brat, manages to steal food from the refrigerator.

While a section of the netizens is discussing the performance of the contestants, some others are also talking about Ravi’s secret work. In the recent episode, Bigg Boss introduces the BB Hotel task where every contestant is given an interesting role. Got it. Despite playing the role of hotel staff, Ravi has a secret task of impressing the guests of the BB Hotel task and helping them win the task. Earlier, Sunny surprised the family members by eating pastries kept in the garden area. Ani was disappointed with Sunny’s act as the captain of the house.

The recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ was a bit emotional as the housemates were in shock after Jesse stepped out of the house. As Jesse hugs everyone, he is seen in the secret room getting treatment for his dizziness problem. To everyone’s surprise, a small piece of cake is placed in the yard by the audience. The cake is tagged with a note “The most eligible housewife can have this cake”. While everyone is confused about the real intentions behind the cake, they discuss who can consume the cake.

While the contestants want to avoid any risk by eating the cake, they also fear that it is some kind of mind game that will put them in the danger zone. The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 have released a promo that hints that VJ Sunny dares to consume the cake which is placed in the playing area of ​​Bigg Boss house.

While the captain of the house, Anne wants to call about it, Sunny is seen calmly swallowing it as she walks towards the cake. Anne looks furious at Sunny’s adventures, while her friend Manas enjoys Sunny’s jokes all the time. During this, Sunny and Shri Ram Chandra are seen having fun. Jesse, on the other hand, seems to be getting better and is seen watching all the incidents from the secret room.

What happens after eating Sunny’s cake, is going to be difficult to see in this episode. Sunny fans and Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers are curious, as it is still unknown whether the cake work is about winning immunity or it puts Sunny in the danger zone.