Sai Kumar Bablu’s name for Bigg Boss Telugu 5 also in discussion

Preparations for Bigg Boss Telugu 5 are in full swing. The producers of the show are finalizing the list of contestants. Meanwhile, Sai Kumar Bablu’s name is spreading fast in the media. Bablu has become popular through short films.

Season 5 is about to begin soon and the team is said to have started work on the same. The team is already in talks with some of the industry’s actors. This time, the team wanted to bring more female actors on board. Unlike the previous time, the TV show will debut in June. The show started due to an epidemic in September last year.

Abhijeet emerged as the winner of the fourth season of the TV show. For the third time, Nagarjuna Akkineni is going to host the TV show. The TV show is recording good TRP ratings every year. It is expected that the official announcement of the season will be made soon.

Bigg Boss season 5 is about to begin soon, so television viewers are thrilled with who the contestants are. The names of some celebrities are circulating on social media. Bigg Boss will start every time in June and July. Season 4 started late due to Corona.

But when it comes to season 5, there are plans to start it without any delay. As Bigg Boss season 5 begins in the first week of June, the exercise for the selection of contestants continues. However, the names of the contestants will be officially announced on the day the show starts.

YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswant’s name among the potential contestants of Bigg Boss season 5 is being considered almost certain. Meanwhile, Sai Kumar Bablu’s name is also in the news. Bablu has become popular with short films.

Both Shanmukh Jaswant and Bablu are making web series and short films in ‘Infinitum Media’. Since there is no possibility of two going from the same company, there is a possibility of one of these two. Shanmukh Jaswant’s participation in Bigg Boss 5 is almost certain. If Shanmukh does not go to Jaswant then there is a possibility that Bablu will go to that place.

It seems that another top anchor Ravi is keen to go as a Bigg Boss contestant. It seems that Anchor Ravi’s name is almost certain for this season. Not only this, Ravi is going to enter the Bigg Boss house with the highest remuneration.

The names of Venu, Chitram Sheenu, Poorna, singer Shri Krishna, etc. are also heard for the show. There is no truth in the news that the controversial actress Srireddy is going to be a contestant of Bigg Boss 5. Mr. Reddy told that there is no possibility of him going to Bigg Boss.

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