Durga Rao can also become Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant

Noted dancer Durga Rao can also become a contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. The producers of the show are trying to get him on the show. It is known by all that Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 was very successful. Despite initial criticism, the show gained a lot of popularity.

The show’s host Nagarjuna made it a memorable show. The success rate of Bigg Boss Season 4 skyrocketed. As soon as Bigg Boss season 4 came to an end in November last year, the organizers have since shifted focus to Bigg Boss Season 5.

Then there was news that celebrities are also being selected for the next season. It is reported that this time an attempt is being made to bring an interesting celebrity to the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season – 4 was hosted by Nagarjuna. A Gaya was the runner-up in this reality show while Abhijeet was the winner of Bigg Boss-4. It is learned that popular YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswant has already been approached for the mega show. It also appears that Shanmukh has been given a heavy remuneration for this.

Another celebrity name is circulating on social media as the contestant of Bigg Boss Season 5. Singer Sunita has impressed the audience by singing hundreds of songs with her melodious voice. Rumors are circulating that Sunita is being tried to get on the Bigg Boss show.

However, no one has officially confirmed it yet. Even if Sunita agrees to enter Bigg Boss house, the show’s organizers will not hesitate to pay them a hefty remuneration.

Recently, Sunita married Ram Veerapani, a prominent industrialist. The pair has also been seen recently on social media. Many cine personalities also congratulated Sunita for taking the right decision at the right time. Sources say that Sunita is on the Bigg Boss offer line, but many doubt that she will agree to it.

However, Sunita got married a few days ago and many are discussing on social media platforms that she is less likely to participate in the show of Bigg Boss. People say that if Sunita comes on the show then there will definitely be a possibility of her winning the show.

It is reported that the manager is bringing another interesting person in Bigg Boss Season-5. An attempt is being made to bring Dancer Durgarao to the Bigg Boss house.

Rao is seen dancing and acting on YouTube. He gained a lot of fans from his dance. He has become famous not only in Telugu states but also in other countries due to the action taken by Durga Rao in the Nadi Nakkisilu series song in the film Palasa.

It is learned that the organizers of the show are planning to field Durga Rao as a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 5.

If Sunita and Durgarao participate in Bigg Boss Season-5, it will be a celebration for the fans.

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