Deepika Pilli will also become a Bigg Boss Telugu contestant

The selection of contestants for Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is in progress. Renowned Tittock star Deepika Pilli is also expected to become a contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu. Deepika Pilli was born on 15 April 1999 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He is very famous in Tik-Tok with around 1.1 million followers. He is also famous on Instagram with more than 259000 followers. He has a sister named Hasti Pilli. He has a very attractive personality. Instagram and Tik-Tok have made them very popular.

Growing up in Vijayawada, Deepika is really beautiful. He has a smart way of thinking. She has brought fashion into the world of digital media. Since a young age, Deepika has been a very active girl in school and college. She is known for her huge followers on Instagram and Tik-Tok. His lip-syncing and comedy videos brought his charm to the masses. At Tik-Tok, his followers began to grow significantly. His followers in Tik-Tok are around 1.1 million.

Along with Tik-Tok Video, she is also a model and shares her modeling material on Instagram to her followers around 259000. She has always been active for her audience. Deepika Pilli has been a very active person since childhood and is also good at modeling and dancing. His dance videos have gained the most popularity. Deepika Palli wants to study film and media at a prestigious university.

She has produced the best dubsmash and dance videos on Tik-Tok. Their number of followers has increased from 1.1M in 2018 to 4M in 2020. He still maintains his fascination in the field of making fun and entertaining videos. He has got 48 M likes for his videos in Tik-Tok. She has won the hearts of many viewers with her charming beauty. Her image is very stunned in Western and traditional outfits.

Deepika loves puppy dogs and shares images with them which is a Maltese mix on her verified Instagram page. She has a tattoo on her right hand which is of a dragon. She loves tattoos. Currently, she is dating Revanth Chaudhary. Explain that Bigg Boss is the most popular reality show in the country. The show was well received and appreciated by many viewers of the country. This is a show that brings out a lot of emotions. The Bigg Boss show is well-liked by the Telugu audience and now the audience is eagerly awaiting the fifth season.

Bigg Boss Telugu has successfully completed four seasons with several contestants gaining fame and prospects in the film industry. The previous season has received a very good response. The show received very good TRPs and grossed well. The first season of Bigg Boss Telugu began on 16 July 2017. The second season is hosted by Nani, while the third and fourth seasons are hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. Bigg Boss Telugu season is most likely to start from 5 July 2021.

Many viewers want to know who will be the host of the upcoming season. Nagarjuna has hosted the show in the third and fourth seasons. Akkineni Nagarjuna is expected to be the host for the upcoming season as well. Big Boss 5 Telugu is likely to feature Deepika Pilli, Shanmukh Jaswant, Hyper Edi, Langar Varshini, Anchor Ravi, etc.

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